Tuesday’s delineation for the Mega Millions jackpot is over$ 1 billion for the fifth time in history,

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Mega Millions jackpot is over$ 1 billion for the fifth time in history as Friday’s delineation failed to produce a grand prize winner. The current jackpot is now estimated at$1.05 billion,

since it has been rolling since April 18 when a ticket vended in New York won the massive prize. For the Friday delineation, the figures were 5, 10, 28, 52, 63, and the Gold Mega Ball was 18. According to the lottery, there were winning tickets below the grand prize position in Friday’s delineation. Four tickets bought in Pennsylvania,

California, New York, and Arizona won$ 1 million, while another ticket bought in Pennsylvania won$ 5 million with the Megaplier. So far this time, there have been six grand prize winners,

including two from New York, making it the first time in the images that two grand prize winners are from the same state. Lottery winners have the option to admit their prize in successional payments or as a lump sum, which is called the” cash value” of the prize.

The cash value of the$1.05 billion grand prize for Tuesday’s delineation is roughly$ 528 million.”

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