For several months, the mega millions jackpot has been steadily growing without a big winner
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The mega millions jackpot has been steadily growing without a big winner, and now it has reached a stunning$ 910 million!

Friday night will present another occasion for lottery players to try their luck and have a chance at breaking the jackpot that has been rolling over for further than three months without a major winner.

The estimated$ 910 million prize was set since April 18 when someone matched all six figures and won the jackpot. Since also, 28 successive delineations have taken place without a jackpot winner.

This jackpot is now the eighth- largest in the United States. It comes a little over a week after someone in Los Angeles won a$1.08 billion Powerball prize, which was the sixth- largest in American history.

The winner of that prize still remains a riddle. Lottery jacks come so enormous because the odds of winning are extremely low. For the mega millions, the odds of winning the jackpot are roughly 1 in302.6 million.

The$ 910 million prize will be for the sole winner who chooses to admit the quantum through periodic payments over 30 times. Jackpot winners generally conclude for the lump- sum payment, which for Friday night’s delineation is estimated to be around$464.2 million.

The winners will also be subject to civil levies, and numerous countries tax levies on lottery winnings as well. Mega Millions is played in 45 countries, WashingtonD.C., and theU.S. Virgin Islands.

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