On September 11, Bengaluru bundh. What’s open and what’s shut

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On September 11, Bengaluru bundh. What's open and what's shut

On September 11, Bengaluru bundh. What’s open and what’s shut

BMTC (Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation) intends to deploy extra buses during the strike to fulfill the demand, as Monday is a working day for commuters and IT professionals.

On September 11th (Monday), private taxi and bus associations in Bengaluru have declared a strike, and it’s expected that most private transportation services in the city will be suspended. BMTC’s intention to deploy extra buses during the strike is to meet the demands, especially for Monday commuters and IT employees.

Ever since the Shakti Yojana, a scheme offering free bus rides for women in Karnataka, was implemented, private players in transportation have been complaining about its adverse impact on their business.

They had previously met with the Transport Minister and demanded the inclusion of private cars in the Shakti Yojana and compensation for losses.

Prior to this, transport unions had held discussions with the state’s Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy on July 24th, setting a deadline of July 27th for their 30 out of 28 demands to be met.

At that time, Reddy had assured them that all 30 of their demands would be addressed by the end of August.

However, Karnataka’s Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy also stated that he would bring this matter to the Chief Minister’s attention and resolve the issues together.

After receiving no response from the government, associations decided to go on a one-day strike on September 11th.

What will be affected? All private field trips. Those heading to the field will have to make their arrangements or use BMTC’s Vayu Vajra bus services for field transportation.

Ola, Uber, and other taxi-cab app-based services had previously expressed their support for the strike, stating that they would stay off the roads on Monday.

Auto-rickshaws, bus depot unions, and motors, which are a crucial part of Bengaluru’s transit system, will also be on strike, resulting in the suspension of services.

Private vehicles traveling within the state from Bengaluru will not operate on Monday.

What will continue? Emergency services.

All emergency-related vehicles like ambulances, pharmacy vans, and other essential transportation will continue to operate. Food and delivery vehicles.

Food, groceries, and other daily essential transportation services will not be disrupted and will continue to operate as usual. Public transportation.

BMTC buses and metro trains, along with all public transportation, will typically operate without any interruptions. BMTC is also planning to run additional private vehicles on Monday.

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