On Wednesday afternoon, a tornado was reported in the city of Dorthches in Nash County.

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The williwaw touched down around 1236 PM, roughly seven long hauls northeast of Rocky Mount. Due to road blockages, all lanes of I- 95 near Rocky Mount, between exits 138( US 64) and 141( NC 43), are presently closed.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation estimates that the road will renew by 4 PM. The National Weather Service issued a williwaw warning for some areas in central North Carolina.

The warning took effect from 1231 PM and remains active until 145 PM on Wednesday. The National Weather Service also recommends exercising caution when dealing with flying debris. The warning includes Nash, Edgecombe, and Halifax counties. likewise, there’s a severe williwaw advising specifically for northeastern Nash County.

The warning also extends to northwestern Edgecombe County and southern Halifax County.

This warning is valid until 1 PM on Wednesday.

As several areas are passing severe rainfall conditions, then is what you should do during the williwaw warning

1. still, go to the smallest position, If you’re inside a structure.

2. Stay down from windows and doors.

3. Keep a safe distance from surface walls.

4. Seek sanctum under a sturdy object. still, lie flat on the ground with your face down and cover your head for protection,

If you aren’t in a safe place indoors. How do tornadoes form?

Tornadoes form when warm, wettish air collides with cool, dry air, generally when the cool air moves into an area formerly warmed by the sun. The thick cool air forces the warm air to rise, causing it to cool and condense into shadows. The condensation process releases heat, making the air rise indeed briskly. This quick upward movement produces a whirlpool, which is a rotating column of air that may move at over to 300 long hauls per hour.

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