Hamas leader: Israel is responsible for killings in the Arab community.

Hamas leader: In Arab Community Responsible for Killings Hamas Leader On September 2, 2023, Sheikh Sami Abed al- Latif, the Imam of the Central Kuba Mosque in Kafr Qara, was shot dead in an Arab megacity.

The head of the political office of the Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas, has held Israel responsible for the surge of killings in Arab communities in the enthralled homes.

Hamas leader: Israel: In a statement issued on Saturday, Ismail Haniyeh refocused fritters at the Tel Aviv governance and its intelligence agencies for the swell in violence among Arabs in the enthralled homes.

We blame the Zionist occupation for the continuous violence and murders within the 1948 homes, he declared.

The security apparatus of the Zionist rival plays a risky part whose purpose is to involve our people in another struggle to make them forget their religious and literal ties in Gaza, the West Bank, and the diaspora.”

Haniyeh also called on Palestinian intellectualists and the public to concentrate their sweats on Palestinian issues.

He emphasized the need for a unified strategy to end the killings, advising that continuing similar bloody paths would only prop the occupation. before in the day, Sheikh Sami Abed al- Latif, the Imam of the Central Kuba Mosque in Kafr Qara, was shot dead.

The 60- time-old Imam was known for his part in interceding conflicts within the Arab megacity. This payoff came just two days after a double homicide in Kafr Qara.

According to the Violence Prevention Advocacy Group, the Abraham Initiatives, a aggregate of 166 Arab individualities have been killed in violence in 2023, marking the loftiest number to date, further than doubling the figure from the former time.

utmost of the victims were killed in blowups. Muhammad Hamada, Hamas prophet in Al- Quds megacity, stated that Israel’s alleged internal security service, Shin Bet, carries out systematized felonious conditioning aimed at weakening Palestinian society and creating lawlessness and instability.

He stressed that in the face of dangerous Israeli conspiracies, the Palestinian community in the enthralled homes should remain watchful in securing their public identity and guarding the holy Al- Aqsa Mosque.”

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