On July 14, 2023, what is the winning Mega Millions lottery number for the $560 million jackpot? Check out all the prizes won in Ohio.

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The Mega Ball is 15, and the winning numbers for the drawing on Friday night are 10, 24, 48, 51, and 66.

  • $10,000 prize: 1 winner 
  • $1,000 prize: 7 winners 
  • $500 prize: 32 winners 
  • $400 prize: 34 winners
  • $200 prize: 69 winners 
  • $20 prize: 1,261 winners
  • $10 prize: 3,510 winners
  • $8 prize: 4,872  winners 
  • $4 prize: 24,796 winners 
  • $2 prize: 32,327 winners

Friday night’s drawing had the winning numbers 10, 24, 48, 51, 66, and the Mega Ball was 15. The Megaplier option was 2x.

With a $328 million cash option, the Mega Millions jackpot has now surpassed $640 million. ten million. On Tuesday, July 18, at 11 PM, there will be another drawing.

In April, a fortunate Mega Millions ticket sold in Circle K of Berea won a prize of $1 million. The following night, someone purchased their winning ticket from GetGo in Macedonia and claimed the Powerball jackpot of $252.6 million.

Are you feeling lucky? Ohio has recently seen some big winners in the previous lottery drawings. Among those winners are:

– On June 14 in Powerball A$ 1 million winning ticket was  vended in Fairfield. 

– On June 9 in Mega Millions A$ 1 million winning ticket was  vended in Moraine. 

– On May 31 in Powerball A ticket  vended in New Albany won a$ 1 million prize. 

– On April 27 in the Make My Time  scrape- off game A winning ticket worth$2.5 million was  vended at a GetGo store in Alliance. 

– On April 26  delineation in Lucky For Life A winning ticket  vended at an East End Express in Hubbard hit the alternate

–  league prize of$ 25,000 per time for life. 

– On April 19  delineation in Powerball A winning ticket  vended at a GetGo in Summit County won the jackpot worth$252.6 million. 

– On April 18  delineation in Mega Millions One ticket  vended at a Circle K in Berea won a$ 1 million prize. 

– On March 13  delineation in Powerball A winning ticket  vended in southern Ohio hit$ 2 million.

 – On January 10  delineation in Mega Millions Two$ 1 million winning tickets were  vended in Ohio. 

– On January 7  delineation in Powerball A winning ticket worth$ 2 million was  vended in Vermilion. 

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