Meet the very first ‘Golden Bachelor’
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He is finally here After years of development, the spin-off of ‘The Bachelor’ is coming.

ABC has revealed the star of ‘The Golden Bachelor‘ as 71-year-old Gary Turner, who will be the first mature star of the ‘Bachelor’ franchise in his two decades.

Golden Bachelor‘: In terms of the appearance of the main cast of ‘The Golden Bachelor,’ it is certainly more senior compared to the franchise’s usual young stars. The promotional material for the upcoming season, which started in this fall, shows glimpses of a mysterious man – and we can see some salt and pepper in his hair and beard.

When the announcement of ‘The Golden Bachelor’ was made, social media commentators were surprised at how senior this man would be: would he be in his 20s or 30s, like the usual participants in ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ – or would the Bachelor Nation finally get a season centered around senior citizens on television?

ABC has fulfilled its promise of having a senior citizen show by choosing Turner as the star for the spin-off, which will showcase a completely new kind of love story for the golden years. The network’s summary says, “A disillusioned romantic is given another chance at love in search of a companion with whom to share the sunset years of life.”

Casting calls for a senior citizen were aired during the ‘Bachelor’ show for years, leaving viewers wondering when or if the show would happen.

Turner appears in America in the first “The Golden Bachelor” teaser (see above), posing in front of a mirror while donning a suit and hearing aid.

The voiceover in the trailer says, “He posts the trap of his thirst in a leather-bound album. He has mail at his DM. He catches a special early bird whenever he wants. If you call him, he will answer the phone. His hair may not be white, it has glimpses of wisdom. He wants to go to Florida after retiring. He is Gary.”

Rob Mills, Disney’s top unscripted TV executive, talked to Variety about the anticipation around the first season. Mills said, “It’s a different way of doing ‘The Bachelor’ because these people are in a completely different place in their lives.” “It’s fascinating about these people who have reached the other end of the spectrum, who have lived their lives, raised their children, some are widows or divorced, and maybe some have never been in love.
Through the lens of “Bachelor,” we thought this relationship would be intriguing.

The ‘The Bachelor’ franchise has grown to include 60 seasons since its debut in 2002, including the main series ‘The Bachelor,’ ‘The Bachelorette,’ and ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ The most recent addition to the brand is ‘The Golden Bachelor.
The franchise’s ratings have been declining in recent years, as is the case with many other legacy network shows, but ‘The Golden Bachelor’ has generated a lot of buzz and created new interest among several fans who have been expressing enthusiasm for a long time. The show is ongoing.

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