Five of the 10 Women’s World Cup stadiums are supplied by Daktronics.
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10 Women’s World Cup : The company is using its displays and technology to enhance the addict experience at Perth, Melbourne, and Brisbane colosseums, with Sydney having the largest screen in the southern element.

10 Women’s World Cup :Five of the 10 colossea hosting the 2023 Women’s World Cup have Daktronics displays and technologies to improve the experience of the fans.

The biggest display, the Great Southern Screen at Sydney’s AAMI Park Stadium, stands 10 measures tall and spans 120 measures wide, making it the largest main display in any sports stadium and the largest display in a southern element sports venue.

The other four locales exercising Daktronics technology are Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, AAMI Park Stadium in Melbourne, HBF Park in Perth, and the Aliianz Stadium in Sydney.

Each stadium will showcase live video and give quick renewals of on- pitch action, along with sharing match statistics. fresh strip and supplementary displays will condense plates and information.

Blair Robertson, the indigenous director of Daktronics, said” Significant investments have been made in these colosseums for the drug of this global event, and the technology we have handed is an integral part of those specifics.”

These displays will delight suckers and involve them in the live experience, while also delivering significant returns on investment for sponsors and event actors through sharing imprinting dispatches.” The FIFA Women’s World Cup is taking place from July 20 to August 20 in Australia and New Zealand.

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