YouTube star Jimmy” MisterBeast” Donaldson has filed a action against the company responsible for developing his burgers.

Social media star Jimmy” MisterBeast” Donaldson has filed a action against the Florida Ghost Kitchen company, professing that the poor quality of the burgers made in cooperation with the YouTuber during the epidemic has damaged his character.

According to court documents, Donaldson launched MisterBeast Burger with the help of the Virtual Dining Concept in September 2020. Grounded on the fashionability of his YouTube channel, Virtual Dining created 1,000 Ghost Kitchen locales in 2021 to boost deals.

“Unfortunately, Virtual Dining’s focus on fleetly expanding the business by presenting the Virtual Restaurant model to other notorious personalities for their own gains didn’t prioritize the client experience and product quality of MisterBeast Burger,”

the complaint stated. A occupant of North Carolina, Donaldson, known for his philanthropy, has the third most- watched YouTube channel with over 172 million subscribers.

He was listed among the top 100 most important persons in the world by Time Magazine in 2023.
The MisterBeast Burger line is presented through colorful food delivery apps like DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, and in a dine- in eatery in Radford, New Jersey, offering burgers, funk sandwiches, feasts, and chocolate chip eyefuls.

According to the action, some guests complained that the burger has come” disgusting, rebellious, and indigestible” since its launch, with one client calling it” conceivably the worst burger ever.”

Donaldson is also suing Virtual Dining for breach of contract, professing that they trademarked the expression” Mister Beast” without his knowledge, arising from a failed concession between them.

Virtual Dining denies the allegations.”Mr. Donaldson lately tried to negotiate a new deal to fulfill his fiscal interests,” said Richard Edlin of Greenberg Traurig.”

When( Virtual Dining generalities) rejected his blackmail strategy to give him a larger stake in the brand, and without any licit base, he filed this meritless and ill- advised action to weaken the Mister Beast Burger brand and terminate his being contractual scores.

” Edlin added,” The alleged base ofMr. Donaldson’s complaint is that the Mister Beast Burger brand has been’ lowered and irreparably harmed’ by Mister Donaldson. In reality,Mr. Donaldson’s fame has soared during the life of the Mister Beast Burger brand.”

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