Powerball Winner Did Anyone Win the$ 124 Million Jackpot on Saturday?

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Powerball Winner Did Anyone Win the$ 124 Million Jackpot on Saturday?

During the delineation of$ 124 million on Saturday night( August 5th), no players matched all six figures, so the Powerball jackpot for Monday( August 7th) is estimated to be $ 145 million.

The results of the Powerball game on Saturday are listed below:

Figures 18-42-44-62-65 Powerball 23

Power Play 2x After a player in Los Angeles won a$1.08 million

Drawing on July 19th,

The Powerball jackpot went back to$ 20 million.

The ticket was bought at Las Palmits Mini Market near the Fashion District in California and matched all five white figures and the red Powerball.

This delineation was the third- largest in the game’s history and the seventh- largest in American lottery history. After a player from Ohio won the$ 253 million drawing on April 19th, the Powerball jackpot went back to$ 20 million, followed by successive Mega Millions jacks on April 18th and April 14th.

According to the sanctioned Powerball website, a player from California matched all six figures on November 7th for a$2.04 billion($997.6 million cash value) jackpot, making it the largest jackpot in American lottery history.

On January 13th, 2016, the$1.586 billion($983.5 million cash value) Powerball drawing set the former record for the world’s largest jackpot for both cash value and subvention.

Three tickets in California, Florida, and Tennessee won the$1.586 billion Powerball jackpot in January 2016, setting the record for the world’s largest jackpot and the loftiest cash value per ticket.

Mega Millions games have also surpassed$ 1 billion five times. Powerball and Mega Millions games preliminarily offered a combined jackpot of further than $1.7 billion in January 2021.

During each posterior game, both jacks grow until there’s a winning ticket that matches all six figures drawn, with each separate game including the fresh Mega Millions gold ball or Powerball until there’s a jackpot winner.

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