Former Russian President suggests a surprising reaction to Ukrainian drone attacks.
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Dmitry Medvedev has stated that Moscow can launch attacks on “non-specific targets” beyond military warehouses and energy infrastructure.

The former President of Russia claimed that Ukraine is conducting attacks on civilian targets in Russia to divert attention from its weak counteroffensive. Medvedev made these remarks shortly after attempts by Ukrainian drones to strike locations in Moscow and Crimea, commenting that Russia’s response should be “unpredictable.”

Medvedev, who is currently the Deputy Chairman of Russia’s Security Council, stated on Monday through Telegram that Ukraine had not had any military achievement and needed to make a “informative” breakthrough. victory, albeit a deceptive and inflated one.”

Medvedev remarked, “That’s why the banderites [referring to Ukrainian nationalists] are rapidly selecting peaceful civilian targets for their heinous attacks.” He also claimed that concerns were growing among the Ukrainian populace, and he referenced the “irritability” of Kyiv’s “Western backers” on the war front.

“Therefore, the banderites are choosing civilian targets swiftly for their gruesome attacks. Everyone should be prepared for this,” Medvedev warned, referring to infamous Ukrainian Nazi collaborators during the Second World War.

Medvedev’s comments came after the Ukrainian drone attempt on Moscow on Monday morning, where two UAVs were intercepted using electronic warfare measures, and non-residential buildings were damaged. Officials stated that there were no casualties or severe damages resulting from the attack.

On the same day, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that a Ukrainian UAV strike targeted a munitions depot in Crimea, and Moscow’s military had shot down a total of 17 drones.

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